Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cash & Carry (Richland)

Cash & Carry, for those unfamiliar, is similar to Costco except it's open to the public without a membership. They cater more to restaurants then to families but you can still get some really good deals there. They're located in Richland off of the highway (Columbia Center Mall exit, turn towards the river then right on Fowler, pass the new Honda dealership, right at the stop sign, left at the only bend in the road and it's next to Costless Carpet). I really don't recommend Cash & Carry to those with moderate or small families but if you're a large family and already shop at Costco then you might want to take a look at Cash & Carry since some prices are lower while some are higher.

Right now 50 lbs of #2 baker potatoes happens to be $4.89. That 9 cents a pound. That's equivalent to the Russet potatoes, 15 lb bag on sale at Save-A-Lot at $1.49 per bag.

4.89 / 50 lbs = 0.0978 lb
1.49 / 15 lbs = 0.0993 lb

I know, some of you are thinking what would you do with 50 lbs of potatoes but we're a family of eight and between baked potatoes, fried potatoes, french fries, mashed potatoes, potatoes au gratin, potato soup... we typically can go through two 15 lb bags in less than a week.

Del Monte Pineapple happens to be $2.25 each.
20 lb box of 5x5 tomatoes is $14.95 ($14.95 / 20 lbs = $0.7475 lb).
Mangos are 75¢ each
Boneless pork butt, 2-pieces 99¢ lb (15 lb average)
Flav-r-pac vegetables, 20 lb - $11.89 ($11.89 / 20 = $0.5945 lb)

Oh and one thing I forgot to mention... My hubby is PICKY when it comes to meat (he's a graduate of Johnson & Wales Culinary Arts) so he'll typically only buy meat at Cash & Carry or Costco. He'll buy it at WinCo if he has to but he prefers IBP meat (which Cash & Carry carries).

Yes, we typically spend a couple of hundred dollars there but again, as I've mentioned in previous posts, it's typically on meat which tends to last us between three to six months. I buy my chicken breast and tenders primarily at Albertsons, chicken thighs and legs at WinCo (unless Albertsons has a good sale). Produce I like at Albertsons or the Richland WinCo (I really do loathe the Kennewick WinCo's produce department). Milk I'll get at either Albertsons or Costco depending on if I have a milk coupon to use.

Over the next few months I'm going to post what we buy and where. While some things will be more expensive for the typical family hopefully for those of you with larger families you'll find this info useful. I love sites like Fistful of Coupons and NW Coupon Lady but realistically for my family I just can't get to the stores they shop at (and they live in the same area that I do but closer to Yoke's, Pasco/Richland Walmart(s), Richland Fred Meyer and the Richland WinCo which are out of the way for me). I noticed that I rather spend the extra 50 cents at Target then go try save a $1 by going to say Walmart because the price of gas and the distance.

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