Friday, January 29, 2010

How to cheat the coupon system?

In a word... you don't. Each and every internet printable coupon you get has a unique number embedded as well as watermarks. Attempting to photocopy the coupon will result in the watermark showing up. Attempting to pass off multiple printables, all with the same number, will result in the cash register to beep and if by chance it does go through well that store, once they realize they've been scammed, will stop taking internet printables so the next time you try not only will you be out of luck but so will other couponers. In other words, don't try to cheat the coupon system.

I will state one thing. You can LEGITIMATELY get internet printable coupons off of multiple websites. I have at least six Yoplait Yogurt Smoothie $1/1 coupons that I obtained from three different sites. Here are some sites to bookmark so that when coupons reset you have a chance to print up two copies of what coupon you want to use.
Also check those e-mails because many companies embed a link to a coupon for their products. I get e-mails from Martha Stewart, Food Network and tons and tons of recipe companies. Typically every e-mail I get from a company will have some sort of coupon or coupon code attached. In fact, I have a few from Barnes & Nobel that came this morning and last night (I have a membership card so I get one a day before non-members get one).

To me, saving money is a game but I'm not willing to cheat the store because no one wins. When the stores lose money it becomes a lose-lose situation for everyone because the store will raise prices to recoup the lose and/or they'll stop taking internet printables. So play fair and print only TWO coupons per site you visit. Don't make photocopies and don't try to scam a store!

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Couponing Acronyms

$1.50 SS 10/18 - $1.50 coupon from the October 18 Smart Source insert
$1.50/3 - $1.50 of when you buy 3 items
B1G1/BOGO - Buy One, Get One
CC - Competitor Coupon
FAR - Free After Rebate
MFC or MFR - Manufacturer Coupon
MIR - Mail in Rebate
OOP - Out of Pocket
P&G - Procter & Gamble Insert
RP - Red Plum Insert
RR - Register Reward (Wags)
SC - Store Coupon
SS - Smart Source Insert
WAGS - Walgreens
WFC - Weekly Flyer Coupon
WYB - When You Buy

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Where to get coupons

BEST PLACE: The Sunday newspaper!

In stores:

Blinkies – Found on various store aisles these little machines spit out coupons as you pull them out. Most blinkies have little lights that blink hence the name.

Catalinas – Receipt-like coupons printed at the register. Not all stores have Catalinas (such as WinCo). These are typically NOT printed on the back of the register receipt.

Hang/Wine Tags – Found around the neck of a bottle with a little piece of string or rubber band.

Peelies – Coupons found on certain products that peel away from the product.

Tearpads – Coupons on a tear away pad. Typically found in a display and not directly on the product.

Other ways:

Home mailers - sign up for products online or even contact a company to either complain or complement their products. Click here for a blog with over 200 links to companies that will mail you coupons!

Internet coupons - There are many places online that you can print coupons from. See links below for printable online coupons.

Magazines – Pretty much all magazines will have coupons in it. Better Homes & Gardens, Sunset, Parenting, Working Mother are a few. The BEST magazine with coupons is All You magazine.

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