Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I've decided....

The hubby is paid every two weeks so I've decided that on the day's that he's paid I will go to Albertsons and WinCo and put $75 on each store's "gift" card. My budget will be $150 for two weeks to feed a family of eight. I may not like WinCo too much but I do like their bulk food section. No money left on the card = no grocery shopping. No more cash or using my debit/credit cards at the store - it'll strictly be a "gift" card purchase only.

$150 / 14 days = $10.71 per day

That's roughly $10 per day to feed a family of eight.

If I did my math right that's $3,900 a year to feed a family of eight. Summer will be the challenge since the kids are home for 12 weeks but if I stock up on stuff over the winter and spring I should be able to keep within my budget.

So that's my challenge - to keep within my $75 per week grocery budget. So far I've spent almost $20 since yesterday but I have enough tortillas and veggies for tacitos, burritos and other inexpensive faux-Mexican dinners. Least the kids like Mexican food even if the hubby and I don't (except I love enchiladas).

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